Grantmaking Intelligence Conference 2022

Grantmaking Intelligence Conference 2022

The conference for grants professionals

powered by SmartyGrants

Thursday to Friday, August 11-12

Indicative conference program

Day One

Thursday, August 11

Grantmaking Intelligence Conference 2022 - Powered by SmartyGrants

A conference drawing together grantmakers from all corners of the country (and beyond) and all types and sizes of organisations, providing an opportunity to connect and collaborate. A line-up of provocative speakers will invite you to lift your gaze from the everyday and be inspired in all areas of this multifaceted profession.

Please note: We're still fine-tuning the details of the program to ensure the event will best suit your needs, and this proposed schedule is subject to change.
Day Two

Friday, August 12

Government Musters (Local & State/Federal)

Spend the morning among your people, focusing on what really matters to you, in one of two “muster” groups – one for local government grantmakers, the other for state and federal government grantmakers. Together with your peers you’ll collaborate, share war stories and celebrate successes. Sit back and take it all in or stand up and be heard.

SmartyGrants: Behind the Curtain

After lunch, quiz the SmartyGrants brains trust on the latest developments in the southern hemisphere’s leading grants management system.

Past conference highlights

Grant nerds rule at 2021 Grantmaking Intelligence Conference

Hundreds of leading grantmakers converged to reset their expectations about best-practice grantmaking, as 25 experts from Australia and New Zealand took to the virtual stage in the two-day Grantmaking Intelligence Conference, 2021. Here are some of the highlights.

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