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  • Working with data for good: give it a crack — June 18, 2021
    We're profiling data scientists who've used their skills within the social sector. Here, we talk to Áine Phelan, winner of the individual prize at Melbourne's first datathon for social good.
  • Datathon for Social Good — December 16, 2019
    We're excited to announce that we're holding Melbourne's first datathon with a social-good focus!
  • Why those holding the purse strings must do data better — August 17, 2018
    Dr Lucy Bernholz, a world-recognised thinker on digital and data trends, says funders must take more responsibility for improving how data is handled and managed for the organisations they're helping, including how much information they're demanding in the first place.

  • Our Community data scientists follow a rainbow — May 21, 2018
    We're doing our bit to "grow the pot of gold under the rainbow", crunching data to help improve the flow of funds to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex (LGBTQIA+) groups.

  • Women’s Business: The role of gender in the awarding of grant — May 3, 2018
    This data science project combines two of our passions: grants and gender equity. We set out to find out whether an applicant's gender would affect the result of their application for funds.

  • Our Community powers up the Outcomes Engine — April 24, 2018
    Having built a system designed to make grantmakers more efficient, we now want to help you become more effective. Our "Outcomes Engine" will use modern data analytics, data visualisation and impact evaluation concepts and tools to help you analyse your funding patterns, compare them with your objectives, and track your progress towards your aims.

  • OC data scientist wins international fellowship: Astrophysicist turns her mind to the grants universe — April 9, 2018
    Galaxy formation? That's nothing. Try understanding the impact of grants. Dr Paola Oliva-Altamirano, an astrophysicist, astronomer, and specialist in the creation of galaxies over billions of years, has turned her attention to something harder: data science for the social sector.

  • White paper: The bias trade-off for grantmaking algorithms — March 20, 2018
    This whitepaper explores a concrete example of a trade-off that can occur when developing a grantmaking algorithm. It is written for grantmakers, grantseekers and anyone else with an interest in grantmaking algorithms.

  • CLASSIE 2.1: new and improved — February 5, 2018
    Our Community recently released a new version of CLASSIE, the data classification system that underpins an exciting array of data analytics projects. The newest release of CLASSIE (Version 2.1), now available in the SmartyGrants online grants management system, incorporates feedback received by grantmakers and others since November 2016.

  • Data scientists seek perfect match — February 5, 2018
    We're looking for opportunities to collaborate with other social-change organisations on a data science project.
  • Research shows why your board lacks ICT nous — November 6, 2017
    New research undertaken exclusively by Our Community's Innovation Lab shows ICT expertise on not-for-profit boards is failing to keep pace with the digital world.

  • Data is the new oil, and we all need to start drilling — August 3, 2017
    There's a new currency powering social reform. Data is reshaping our world. Here's what Our Community is doing to make sure the social sector can grasp the possibilities presented by these new tools.

  • Grants in Australia Survey 2017: The quest for perfection continues — July 28, 2017
    The Grants in Australia Survey is the biggest research program of its kind. We set our data scientist loose on the 1200 responses to the latest survey, as well as data from all previous years. The resulting report digs deeper and offers more insight into Australian grantmaking than ever before.