Datathon for Social Good

In a datathon, participants use creativity, communication and collaboration to solve an interesting data-related problem. They’re opportunities to try new things, learn from others, build connections — and have fun!

Melbourne’s first Datathon for Social Good shared those ingredients, but participants' efforts helped to enable positive social impact. Better yet, we centred the leadership and participation of women and minority groups.

This event was part of our wider aim to foster diversity in the local scene, encourage current and future data scientists to consider careers and volunteering in the social sector, and foreground the ethical application of data science.

The 2020 challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated!

After attending the launch, Dr Sonja Hood, CEO of Community Hubs Australia (CHA), said that the “success of the weekend floored me.”

During the subsequent working time, the COVID-19 crisis enveloped Australia. Amazingly, despite the stress and challenges presented by this, nine teams pulled through to contribute a submission for CHA.

The datathon attracted a diverse range of people, with over 70% of participants identifying as female. Participants said they were proud to learn and practice skills, and gained a “sense of accomplishment”.

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