A gentle introduction to data science for not-for-profit organisations interested in becoming more data-driven.

What began as a classroom-based series of tutorials that reached over 100 not-for-profit organisations will soon be offered online, allowing social sector workers to participate from wherever they are, at their own pace – with face-to-face Zoom sessions for ongoing support and assistance.

The tutorial provided a framework for how I can determine our capacity for data science! Diving straight into data analysis is how a lot of us have ended up in our current situation of not making the best use of our data … this was valuable to take a step back and reassess.

— Tutorial participant (2019)

The tutorial material has been collaboratively designed by data scientists and social sector experts, and complement our two freely available publications: Developing Data Capability in Your Not-for-Profit – to kick off your thinking; and Data Projects from Go to Whoa! – a 15-step pathway to guide your first data project.

When registrations are opened later this year, we'll announce it on our mailing list.